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Frequently Asked Question


Q: What is Webster University? 
A: Webster University is a private, non-profit university. The university is based in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Our campuses are found in USA, Europe, Asia and Africa. Each campus offers the experience of American education. 
Webster University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. All Webster campuses have the American accreditation. The Ghana Campus is also accredited by the Ghana National Accreditation Board.


Q: How long does it take to complete a bachelor's degree?
A: If you have passed the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination, it takes 4 years for you to earn the bachelor's degree. If you have successfully completed your A-Levels or IB, then you will be given advanced placement. Advanced placement shortens the length of the bachelor's degree by up to one academic year.

Q: How long does it take to complete the Master's of Business Administration (MBA) or the MA in International Relations?
A: All courses are taught in the evenings so it is good for working professionals. A full-time student will complete the master's degree in 6 terms (about 14 months). However, students have the choice to take the courses part-time and earn the degree over a longer period (usually 2-3 years). If you have already completed a master's degree in any discipline you can earn the MBA or MA in 9 or 10 courses, instead of 12 which saves you time and money.

Q: When can I start classes? When is the next intake? 
A: August, October and January (3 intakes) are the start dates for undergraduate studies. However, Graduate intakes are August, October, January, March and May (5 intakes).

Q: Who are the professors? Where do they come from? 
A:Courses at the Ghana Campus are taught by experienced, skilled professors and lecturers from the USA, Europe, Asia and Africa.


Q: How much is tuition for a bachelor’s student? 
A: Full-time students pay a ‘flat-fee’ tuition at the beginning of each semester (August and January). Details are available on the Tuition page. There are 2 semesters each year (Fall and Spring). Students take 5 or 6 courses each semester when they pay the flat-fee. It takes about 4 years of full-time studies for a student to earn 128 credits (approximately 43 courses) and receive a bachelor's degree.

Q: How much does it cost to attend Webster University as a graduate student? 
A: A student needs to pass 12 courses in order to earn either the MBA or MA International Relations degree.

Q: Does Webster University - Ghana Campus have a payment plan? 
A: Yes. 
Bachelor's: Two payments per year. Bachelor’s students pay tuition in August and January. 
Master’s has five payments per year. Master’s students pay tuition at the beginning of each term: August, October, January, March, and May. See the Academic Calendar for exact dates. Payment plans include monthly, quarterly and full.


Q: Are scholarships available from Webster University - Ghana Campus?
A: Yes, scholarships are available for bachelor’s and master’s students. Applicants must first be accepted to the university. Then they can apply for a scholarship. Scholarship awards up to 20% of the tuition and are based on academic merit, proof of financial need and other factors.


Q: What is the admission process? What are the requirements for admission?
A: The admissions process begins by completing and submitting an online application. You will need to submit your application documents (certified copies are accepted) to the Ghana Campus admissions office. Once all documents have been received an admissions decision is usually made within one week.


Q: Where is the Ghana Campus located? 
A:  The campus is in East Legon, Accra, Behind Media Pharmacy,  Off Lagos Avenue. The campus has three buildings that have 24/7 security, ultra-modern classrooms, on-site accommodation, a well-stocked library, 24/7 internet and power access, a recreation room, student lounge, a gallery space and administrative offices.

Q: Is housing available?
A: Yes. There are housing opportunities for our students on the campus. Facilities including WI-FI, washing machine, air conditioners, DSTV as well as cleaning service.