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Time off policy


Supervisors at Webster Ghana shall, at the beginning of each year/quarter, plan with employees how they are to access their leave times. Webster Ghana requires that at the end of the first quarter of each calendar year (Leave is effective January – December), employees finalise their leave plans with their supervisors. Annual leave shall ideally be taken in 2 or 3 parts. Leave days taken should not exceed 5 working days at a go without authorisation from the Campus Director. Every employee of Webster Ghana is required to apply for leave and receive authorisation before proceeding on leave. Leave days cannot be rolled over into the next year. An employee is said to have vacated his/her post if he/she has overstayed his/her leave for more than the approved number of days, without authorisation.

Leave may be interrupted in cases of urgent necessity and when exigencies of the job require that an employee returns to work before the expiry of his/her leave period. An employee who is required to interrupt his/her annual leave shall not forfeit the scheduled leave and shall be allowed to take it at a later date as agreed upon with their immediate supervisor in consultation with the Campus Director.

 Types of Leaves

 The types of leave available at Webster Ghana are as follows:

 Annual Leave

This refers to the mandatory number of days a full-time employee of Webster Ghana can take leave from official duties as required by law. At the discretion of management of Webster Ghana, a senior employee may receive additional leave days as stipulated in his/her contract or as agreed to at the point of entry. Leave entitlements are only provided to full time employees and are for a minimum of twenty (20) days or as stipulated in the employment contract.

Time-off/Compassionate Leave 

This is granted to an employee at the discretion of management of Webster Ghana. Time-off can only be approved for serious personal emergencies that cannot be classified under sick leave. Time-off is only granted after an employee has fully exhausted his/her annual leave. Given the circumstances surrounding the issue, time-off may be set-off against annual leave for the coming year, for a period not exceeding five (5) days. If this exceeds 5 days, unpaid leave may be considered.

Maternity/Paternity Leave

All female employees are entitled to 12 weeks of Maternity Leave. A male employee, whose spouse (recognised by Webster Ghana in the personal files lodged) has given birth, shall also be granted five (5) days of paternity leave.

The female employee is entitled to 12 weeks of maternity leave in addition to any period of annual leave she is entitled to after her period of confinement. This can be extended for a minimum of two (2) weeks and up to one (1) month based on submission of a medical certificate stating the need for the extension. To access maternity leave, the following procedure should be followed:

  1. Female employees shall have to produce a medical certificate issued by a recognised and approved medical practitioner or midwife stating the need to be confined and the period of confinement.
  2. Employees must apply for maternity leave three (3) months to the time and must attach the medical certificate from the hospital or medical practitioner or recognised mid-wife. In situations where an employee is medically unfit and unavailable to apply due to unplanned medical challenges, the spouse (recognised by Webster Ghana in its records) shall temporarily apply on behalf of the staff. In the absence of the spouse, the biological parent/primary caretaker/legal guardian or next-of-kin of the employee can also file the request. Unplanned emergencies that occur prior to confinement may (at the discretion of management of Webster Ghana) be classified as sick leave. Each case shall be properly investigated and treated on its own merits.
  3. A nursing mother shall be entitled to 2 hours a day to nurse her baby. The timing to take these hours should be agreed with the Campus Director or his/her delegate.

Sick Leave

Every employee is entitled to a period of 10 days sick leave. The leave is granted upon producing an approved medical certificate issued by a recognised medical practitioner for sick leave exceeding two (2) days. This leave does not form part of an employee’s annual leave. Employment may be terminated, based on the medical advice and circumstances surrounding the issue, on the grounds of ill-health after six (6) consecutive months away as result of illness.