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Sickness and accident

Workmen compensation is a form of insurance that is provided to employees by Webster Ghana. Approved claims for job-related injuries and illnesses entitle an injured employee to medical coverage related to the injuries. A medical certificate to support the claim that the inquiry or illness is job-related is required to be eligible.

All employees are required to adhere to the health and safety policies of Webster Ghana and exercise due care and restraint in the performance of their duties. All work-related injuries sustained on the job shall immediately, on their occurrence, be brought to the notice of the Facility Manager and Human Resource Manager.

An employee who, out of negligence, puts his/her life and that of other employees or visitors to the Campus, at risk shall be held liable for all damages to life and property. Use of the any facilities of Webster outside of normal business hours (due to liability concerns) must be approved by both the Facility Manager and the HR Manager.