Safety Procedures | Webster University Ghana

Safety Procedures

Emergency Numbers

Weapons at Work

All employees of Webster Ghana are strictly prohibited from bringing weapons or potential sharp objects to the Campus. When in doubt about what can be classified as a weapon, clearance should be sought from the Security Supervisor on duty and details of the review recorded appropriately. Employees are to ensure that visitors to the Campus are not in possession of such weapons and clearance shall be sought from the Security Supervisor as well.

Health and Safety

It is the responsibility of every employee to use the safety appliances, fire-fighting equipment, and personal protective equipment in compliance with the employer’s instruction and participate in fire drills. It is the responsibility of every employee to acquaint him/herself with the safety regulations and policies and ensure strict adherence to them at all times. Employees may be required to attend fire service training and participate in other types of training such as first aid training, at some point in their tenure at Webster University Ghana Campus.

Campus Security

The Security Supervisor shall communicate all Campus security threats to management and the Campus community. Campus notice boards, emails and circulars shall be used as appropriate. In extreme emergency situations, all employees shall be informed verbally and advised on the immediate line of action. It is the responsibility of each employee to look out for public notices placed on the Campus regarding security issues and to take great care in ensuring that no harm comes to them or Webster Ghana property or visitors whilst on the Campus. Security notices should be placed at visible and vantage positions by the Security Supervisor. All security notices shall bear the signature of the Campus Director, the date and time the notice was placed, description of the incident, and any other possible relevant drawings.  

Any suspicious activity or persons seen in the parking lot or loitering around vehicles, inside buildings, and at unauthorised places shall be reported immediately to the Security Supervisor. As an employee of Webster Ghana, should you be a victim of or a witness to a crime, you are required to lodge a written confidential report with the Security Supervisor. In all situations where a crime has been committed and is considered a criminal offense by the laws in Ghana, the employee and the University shall be required to lodge a complaint with the police and other relevant authorities.

During business hours, the Ghana Campus shall be open to students, parents, employees, authorised vendors, visitors, etc. During non-business hours, access to all University facilities shall be by key, if issued, or with prior approval from the Campus Director. All Webster Ghana employees have a right to question the identity and mission of any visitor or vendor they meet on the Campus. Failure to report a crime or attempt to commit a crime shall be treated as disciplinary issue.

All crime reports to the Security Supervisor shall be promptly investigated. The University shall provide continuous education on crime statistics on the Campus and provide guidelines on how employees/individuals on the Campus can avoid falling victims to crime whilst on its premises or employed at the University.