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Ghana Student Profile

Every semester, Webster Ghana Campus welcomes a diverse student population of undergraduates and graduates from Ghana, continental Africa, and the rest of the world.

As just one of the 9 international locations of Webster University, the students from Webster University Ghana are part of a worldwide network of learners, staff, faculty and alumni that offer a vast array of experiences in many areas of life and study.


Students enjoy small interactive classes of not more than 20 people, allowing for additional dialogue and debate. Webster students have the opportunity to obtain a global experience at a local campus. No matter where you are from, Webster University Ghana brings the world to you.

Our students, whether from Ghana, the USA, Austria, Lebanon, Israel, Nigeria, Togo, Sierra Leone, Republic of Congo, La Cote d’Ivoire, or elsewhere, are able to tap into the global Webster network and experience first-hand what it really means to be a global citizen. At Webster Ghana, we appreciate the diversity each student brings to the experience and we actively promote cross-cultural dialogue within our community.